Prism Logistics, as part of providing total logistics solutions to the manufacturing units, have backwardly integrated in-plant logistics providing management of receipt, warehousing, dispatch of inbound and outbound raw material and finished goods, etc.

The operation and store management is completely IT based for easy identification of the product groups, quick retrieval and disposal, facilitating manufacturing and finished goods dispatches, most efficiently.

The job involves:

  • Receipt of raw materials, inventory control, storage and feed to the manufacturing process.
  • Providing necessary inputs to the purchase department on stock level, quality of product and their packing.
  • Continuous feed of the raw materials to the processing system.
  • Management and disposal of used packing materials, retrieval and re-use.
  • Receipt of the finished goods from the point product production line and transfer to storage area.
  • Identification of each product group, systematic storage and feed-back of the finished goods stocks to concerned department on daily basis.
  • Retrieval of the finished goods, loading onto the dispatch vehicle as directed which also include container stuffing both for domestic as well as export consignment.
  • Documentation and record keeping

In the process of providing in-plant logistics services, we have positioned our own handing equipments and trained man-power including workers for round the clock operation.